Pop Figtion Blox

Get ready to meet our genesis drop [PFB-101], launching Saturday 9am EST November 27th 2021 on Opensea.io. 
A love letter for all things pop-culture, [PFB-101] features 50 unique NFT combinations with a little delicious (and not so nutritious) treat that will leave you hangry for more.

Each of the 50 designs will be limited to 10 copies, coming to a total of 500 mints.









By owning a part of Pop Figtion Blox,
you’ll be the first to:

  • Get early access to future releases
  • Have a say on future collections, characters, and snack choices!
  • Gain access to our private rooms on discord
  • A chance to leave a legacy, each of the 40 designs will give you a chance to buy 1 version of yourself, personalized with your name and selected traits
  • Get future airdrops and merch like printed clothing, items or food (we will get collectors to vote)!

Each of the 101 will give you a chance to create Your custom pop figtion blox and included in the collection!

As a huge thank you for your support, each NFT will give you chance to make a PFB creation of yourself and included in PFB-101 – all personalised with your name, food, clothes and background of your choice.*

So the more copies you own, the higher your chances are to WIN!

*T&Cs Apply. Mainly because we’d like to keep the collectibles PG-13 friendly.

Zombie Cheerleader


9am EST Saturday 27th November 2021

  • 40 designs will be released, the remaining 10 designs are kept for “leave you legacy” winners who will help us create them

    50% or Mid November 2021

    • Pick another 3 “Leave you Legacy” winners

    75% or Late November 2021

    • Pick the last 3 “Leave you Legacy” winners


    Future Plans

    – Owners will have influence to our future collections through discussions and voting

    – Get merch airdrops like food, printed clothes, items (through collector discusssions and voting)

    – Get skin in games and metaverses





    What does PFB-101 stand for?

    “PFB” is short for “Pop Figtion Blox”.

    Why 101? It’s a number that we chose that best represents the first of many things to come. Just like the first paper you take in college. The introduction to the course. We also met each other in Accounting-101. So, it just felt right that 101 would symbolise our first NFT collection.

    What are the different traits I will find?

    There are different characters, food items and background to collect. (Give an example picture?)

    What is the total supply for PFB-101?

    There are a total supply of 500 mints, consisting of 50 different design combinations, each with 10 copies.

    Why did you make 10 copies for each design?

    There are 3 reasons:

    1. We want people to collect them like you would with traditional, physical collectible cards.
    2. By owning multiple copies of the same design, you will increase your chances of being the winner of our “leave your legacy” competitions, where you will work with us to create your own design and name your character!

    Why is PFB-101 not computer generated?

    As a designer by day, Fran was 100% against the idea of having tens of thousands of random computer generated mash-ups that may not  always work together as a whole.

    We’ve lovingly crafted each one from scratch with little variations so that each NFT design is carefully curated and makes sense as a concept.  We wanted to make sure that nvisually appealing and want collectors to feel proud displaying them.

    Where can I buy the NFT?

    Our first collection will be released  Opensea.io

    When is launch?

    10am EST 16/10/2021

    What gas tokens can I use to mint on Opensea?

    To keep gas prices low for our NFT collectors, we will use Polygon (MATIC) on Opensea.io as they are much cheaper than etheruem.

    What is will be the initial minimum (floor price) on Opensea?

    0.0x eth + polygon gas price (much cheaper gas fee than using eth)

    How was each design made?

    Fran has created each design by hand (they are not computer generated)

    What usage rights do I have from the NFT?

    You can resell the NFT you own on Opensea.io. But you cannot reproduce or modify the NFT for personal or commerical use, the copyrights and IP of the NFT still belongs to us.

    How often will you release new collections?

    Collections will be released no more than once a year due to the effort required and our commitment in our day jobs.

    However, we will do airdrops for PFD-101 and want our collectors’ input and votes.

    What tools did you use to make these?

    Fran uses a mixture of Illustrator, and Photoshop for our creations.

    I missed out but I really want one, can you mint more?

    Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that, but also so  glad you’re keen!

    Unfortunately, once all of our PFB-101 collectibles are sold out, you’ll only be able to purchase them in the second hand market on Opensea.io.

    Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on discord and on all the socials for announcements and future drops.


    When will the next release will happen?

    Make sure you follow us on all the socials to keep an eye out  for announcements and future drops.






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